SHIELD Trading is a global unit with an open-minded attitude, collaborative work culture and broad portfolio of commodities and products.

We have built relationships of trust with our business partners both domestically and overseas through trading while cultivating expertise through a globally diverse range of business transactions.

  • Open-minded vision and collaborative attitude enable clients to access a wide range of global product portfolio.
  • Our collaborative approach to service means every client benefit from the entirety of our knowledge, experience, network and commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • End-to-end personal attention to detail enables everybody to trade with ease and confidence.

We believe our growth is due to having a comprehensive, collaborative approach that enables everyone to benefit from our combined efforts. Our team’s collective knowledge shared among everyone, so every customer has access to our team experience and expertise.

We work directly with all the buyers and sellers we deal with and take full responsibility for our role.

Long-term partnerships are the foundation of our success.

The success lies in collaboration, Together with our team, Together with our clients.